Pollock, Newman, and Twombly: Selected Prints

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

This exhibition highlighted prints by three American abstract expressionist artists. Abstract expressionism marked the first American departure from European art history and resulted in the establishment of a unique world of painting. These artists pursued the sublime in art, and the display of their work in a space with a permanent exhibition of Marcel Duchamp's art made for a deeply meaningful endeavor. The exhibition was curated by Fumio Nanjo and produced by N&A. 【Artists】 Jackson Pollock, Barnet Newman, Cy Twombly 【Basic information】 Period:1992.12.15 - 1993.3.22 Venue: Bigi Art Space (Kyoto) Organized by: BIGI CO.,LTD. Curated by: Fumio Nanjo