Rafaël Rozendaal: GENEROSITY at Towada Art Center

February 10, 2018

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

GENEROSITY, the title of this exhibition, is a play on words that expresses the essence of Rozendaal’s work, which is made freely available to everyone everywhere. In recent years, Rozendaal has made departures from internet art to create two-dimensional works such as textiles and lenticulars as well as semi-three-dimensional works that play with shadow. He has also taken his website art out of the computer screen and into the exhibition space. Even more interesting is his creation of English haiku. These examples all show Roosendaal expressing his ideas in various times, places and forms. The Towada Art Center provides another dimension to his creative vision through this art exhibition. GENEROSITY is Rozendaal’s first solo exhibition at a public art institution and represents the rich variety of Rozendaal’s work through large-scale animations, tapestries, English haiku, and interactive programs. *As of November 2017 ※Main photo image : Much Better Than This, Times Square Midnight Moment, New York, 2015  Photography by Michael Wells