Stranger Than Fiction: Taking creation beyond location

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

This exhibition was held as part of the Where Is Chiiki? art project, which Towada Art Center has conducted since 2018. “Stranger Than Fiction” showcased-both inside and outside the museum-new works by three artists engaged in chiiki (community) art: Kitazawa Jun, Nadegata Instant Party, and Fuji Hiroshi, in an attempt to understand the diversity, challenges, and possibilities of these collaborations between artists and regional communities. The exhibition showed how these artists fill the community with the fibs and fabrications that are often tools of the trade in art, in order to create a reality that is stranger than fiction. OFFICIAL WEBSITE [Artists] Jun Kitazawa, Nadegata Instant Party (Tohru Nakazaki + Daisuke Yamashiro + Tomoko Noda), Hiroshi Fuji [Basic Informtaion] Period: Apr 13 - Sep 1, 2019 Venue: Towada Art Center Exhibition Space