Aichi Commemorative Park, Global Center Public Art Project

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Public & Corporate Art Consulting

The Global Citizen Exchange Center opened in 2010 as a hub for exchange activities and a space for sharing and expanding upon the philosophy and achievements of the Expo 2005, which was held in Aichi, Japan. The World Expo centered on the themes of "exchange" and "environment." N&A installed artworks built around those same themes across seven different locations, both in and around the center, whose facilities include educational spaces, studios, and music rooms. The center offers a number of programs designed to satisfy its diverse range of visitors. 【Artists】 Felice Varini (Switzerland) / Inges Idee (Germany) / Eduardo Sarabia (Mexico) / Kyota Takahashi (Japan) / BRF (Japan) / Ingo Günther (Germany) / SUEP. (Japan) 【Basic information】 Completed: October 2010 Location: Aichi Commemorative Park, Global Center (Nagakute, Aichi) Commissioned by: Aichi Prefecture Design & Supervision: Yamashita Sekkei, Inc. General Advisor for Design & Supervision: Masayuki Wakui Advisor for Design & Supervision: Yoshiharu Tsukamoto / Momoyo Kaijima Art Coordination: Nanjo and Associates Number of Installations: 7