“AniMate。: ANIME in Japanese and Korean Contemporary Art”

February 03, 2005

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

This exhibition was held in Fukuoka and later in Seoul in the fortieth year after normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea. It introduced works by seven individual artists and one duo from Japan and Korea. The variant approaches in their art included the making of a new character by taking references from existing comics, the utilization of expressional techniques specific to comics such as framing and narrative, and the application of the techniques of animation. The title "AniMate。" is a portmanteau of "animation" and "mate." Artists Moon Kyungwon, Mr., Lee Dongi, Minako Nishiyama, 44(Sasa), Makoto Aida, Choi Hochul, Aoki Ryoko+Ito Zon, Session 2005-2-3 - 2005-3-29