ART SUMMIT TOKYO, Symposium “Art in the Future”

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Themed on the various issues surrounding art and its situation today, this symposium welcomed an international cast of guests from the art world as well as Japanese experts, who came together to discuss their visions for the future. The event took place over three days, with keynote lectures and debate on three themes: "The Current State and Future of International Exhibitions," "The Transforming Museum," and "The Museum in the Age of Information." 【Panelists】 Germano Celant, Kasper König, Jean=Hubert Martin, Henry Meryic Hughes, Jeremy Rees, Maurice Tuchman, Nicholas Waterlow, Akira Asada, Nobuo Abe, Arata Isozaki, Toshiharu Ito, Seiji Ohshima, Toshio Hara, Yusuke Nakahara, Tadayasu Sakai, Shuji Takashina, Akira Tatehata, Yusuke Watanabe Moderator: Kazue Kobata, Fumio Nanjo, Kunio Yaguchi  【Basic information】 Period: 1991.2.8 - 1991.2.10 Place: Spiral Hall Organized by: The Japan Foundation + ART SUMMIT TOKYO Committee