Immutability and Fashion: Chinses Contemporary Art in the Midst of Changing Surroundings

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

This exhibition was composed of 30 works by 7 Chinese artists active both within and outside China. The artists were researched by experts both in Japan and elsewhere, including a young art critic based in China. The exhibition presented the current, ever-evolving state of Chinese art, the originality of which is deepening along with the rapid change ongoing throughout Chinese society. 【Artists】 Chen Zhen, Gebg Jianyi, Hong Hao, Wang Jinsong, Yin Xiuzhen, Zhang Peili, Zhu Jinshi, 【Basic information】 Period & Venue: 1997.3.8 - 4.16:Kirin Art Space Harajuku, 1997. 5.9 - 6.8:Kirin Plaza Osaka, 1997.8 - 9: Mitsubishi-jisho ARTIUM, Fukuoka Organized/Planned by: Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd. / Fukuoka venue: Mitsubishi-jisho ARTIUM, The Nishinippon Produced by:Kenji Misawa Under the Auspices of: Tha Japan Foundation Asia Center Curated by: Fumio Nanjo, Akiko Miki