Yayoi Kusama “Singing in Towada”

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

This special exhibition by Kusama Yayoi commemorated the grand opening of the Arts Towada initiative. Kusama and her paintings of ever-multiplying polka dots and nets first produced during her stay in New York in the 1960s gained her worldwide recognition, and she is currently one of the most notable Japanese contemporary artists of international standing. Her outdoor installation, Love Forever, Singing in Towada, is on permanent display in Towada Art Center’s Art Square. Kusama’s oeuvre has long extended across a wide variety of media including painting, sculpture, and installation, as well as novels and poetry. Displays of Kusama’s artworks not only in the museum but throughout the city for this exhibition immersed Towada in her vivacious and vibrant world. 【Artsit】 Yayoi Kusama 【Basic Information】 Period: April 24 - August 29,2010 Venue: Towada Art Center, around Central Shopping area Organizer: Towada Art Center With the Support of: Nanjo and Associates OFFICIAL WEBSITE