February 16, 2013

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

SUPER LIBERAL ART SCHOOL@ Towada Art Cener This winter, Towada Art Center will inaugurate an unprecedented art school. Drawing on materials which are typical of Towada and its environment, the new school will boldly adopt a system in which ticket holders can freely re-enter the school and anyone can exhibit their work. Students with the common all-access pass will be allowed to freely use an open studio in the venue and to join any club activities which interest them. The art school will also invite artists who work in many fields to assume the role of club managers and will hold a wide range of events which will go beyond the realms of traditional art. The artworks created by the managers and students during the period of the event will be displayed and multiplied. The spatial structure will be designed by the landscape editor Hachijuro Fujimori, a fictional Towada-based character. He will act as the principal of the ‘SUPER LIBERAL ART SCHOOL’ and will blog about the everyday activities of his students. He will also work on the venue’s scenery. The club activities born from this school will eventually spread across Towada city.The school will treat Towada Art Center as a catalyst which can extend over the city and bring people together. It is up to you whether you will be just a visitor and witness or become a person directly involved in the event! ■Exhibition Outline Venue : Towada Art Center Opening hours : from 9:00 to 17:00 (Last admittance: 30 minutes before closing) Closed every Monday, except when the day of the week falls on national holidays. In this case, Towada Art Center will be closed the following day. Admission for all-access pass : ¥900 for access to both exhibitions and permanent collections. (This ticket allows the bearer to visit the exhibitions an unlimited number of times during this period. Individual fees for the exhibitions and permanent collections are ¥500 each.) Groups of over 20 people receive a ¥100 discount. Free for high school students and below. *Please ask further discount information. Organized by : Towada Art Center Curated by : Yuki Kageyama (OFFICE YUKI KAGEYAMA) Art Direction by : Kensaku Kato (TOKYO PISTOL) Blog : email :