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Arts Towada: Towada Art Center   The largest part of our portfolio is the planning, operation, and management of the Towada Art Center. In 2011, we signed a group agreement with Towada Building Service Co., Ltd. and Towada City. Since then, we have been entrusted with the designated management of planning, managing, and operating the Towada Art Center, which was opened in 2008 as the centerpiece of Arts Towada, a city-wide community development initiative promoted by Towada City to reinvigorate the local landscape. N and A has been involved in Arts Towada since the its inception, producing and promoting the project since the outset. After its completion, Towada City briefly took over the operations, but N and A was entrusted with the planning, operation, and management of the center in 2011. In addition to reception and concierge services, N&A is involved in operations that include facility maintenance, acquisition of artwork for the permanent collection, curation and execution of several temporary exhibitions each year, and the operation of the art center’s cafe and shop. The Towada Art Center has attracted an extremely large number of visitors for a regional museum, surpassing 300,000 visitors in 2009, just one year after opening. OFFICIAL WEBSITE [Basic Information] Open: 2008 Direction: N and A Architect: Ryue Nishizawa Commissioned by Towada City