Nara Yoshitomo ”The Little Little House in The Blue Woods”

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

“The Little Little House in the Blue Woods” was a solo exhibition by Nara Yoshitomo, an internationally renowned artist hailing from Aomori Prefecture. The exhibition featured early works as well as recent paintings, drawings, and sculptures, serving as a comprehensive showcase of Nara’s creative output. A highlight of the exhibition was the production of Yoroshiku Girl 2012, which subsequently became part of the museum’s permanent collection. Nara depicts children with defiant attitudes or anxious eyes as well as animals that look lonely yet somehow humorous, both of which attracted many visitors to this exhibition. [Artist] Yoshitomo Nara [Basic Information] Period: September 22, 2012 -January 14, 2013 Venue: Towada Art Center and more Organizer: Towada Art Center Official website