Virgin Road

February 20, 2004

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

Having taken place across two venues in Japan and South Korea, this exhibition featured the work of eight young artists from the two countries, active not only in the field of art but also various subcultural pursuits such as music and fashion. An exhibition by the participating artists was held at Ssamziespace in Seoul, South Korea in July 2003, and the works created and performances etc. recorded on that occasion were then exhibited in Japan. Gigs and live performances also took place during the exhibition period. Artists Kosuke Tsumura, Hiroyuki Matsukage, Hwang Sin Hae Band, THE GIM + C2K, GORGEROUS, Muneteru Ujino, Choi Jeong Hwa, One Ji Hae Session 2004-2-20 - 2004-3-14(Seoul, 2003-7-1 - 2003-7-31) Sponsorship Ssamzie Inc. Grant Korea Cultural Foundation