Yokohama Island Tower Art Project

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Public & Corporate Art Consulting

For this project, N&A oversaw the installation of artworks around an office building in Yokohama. We wanted to select an artist who could convey Yokohama's reputation for elegance and cosmopolitanism. The installation comprises a ship, a body of water, and a tower—expressions of the region and Yokohama's history as one of the world's leading port cities. The work was created from pure white marble, burnished bronze, and deep blue glass. The shapes, materials, colors, and arrangement were carefully selected to form an integrated whole that changes with each angle. The blue glass evokes the water that gives life to all humankind, the white tower symbolizes our heavenly aspirations, and the golden sculpture represents eternal value and worth. 【Artist】 Ettore Spalletti (Italy) 【Basic information】 Location: Yokohama Island Tower (Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa) (relocated in 2018) Completed: 2003 Commissioned by: Kanagawa Regional Branch, Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation Design & Supervision: Maki and Associates Number of Installations: 1