Our Activities

Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination Page

Planning, management, curation, and coordination of exhibitions and art festivals both in Japan and abroad. Exhibition-related activities that include public relations as well as the planning and production of catalogs and merchandise.

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Public & Corporate Art Consulting Page

From idea to realization, N&A is there every step of the way. In our advisory capacity, we are able to addresses clients’ curatorial needs from project conceptualization, formulation of a plan, and selection of artists and artworks. We also handle administrative duties such as budgeting, cost analysis, scheduling, installation, maintenance, and publicity. In addition to art consultation related to building a collection, we provide consulting services that address a diverse range of projects as a way to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

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Museum/Cultural Facility Planning, Consulting & Management Page

We offer exhibition-related planning, management, and consulting services for museums and galleries. We offer consulting and research services regarding initiatives in arts and culture for the purpose of regional revitalization and community development led by local governments and other organizations.

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Branding & Public Relations Page

We offer effective media strategies and public relations management related to exhibitions, large-scale art festivals, and other activities related to arts and culture.

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Planning & Coordination of Symposiums & International Conferences Page

We curate, manage, and coordinate a variety of symposiums, and conferences related to arts and culture.

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Editing of Art Catalogs & Other Publications / Art Merchandise Development & Consulting Page

We handle the compilation of art-related books and catalogs as well as the research, coordination, writing, and editing of features such as articles in books and magazines. We handle the development and production of art merchandise and management of distribution channels.

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