Waiting For Spring


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Waiting For Spring Towada Art Center Group exhibition Waiting For Spring is three contemporary artist units’ attempt to create never-before-seen landscapes and objects through simple, repeated acts. Cold, dark, and unrelenting, northern winters blanket the land in snow, appearing to freeze everything in sight. But the earth has not stopped turning. Just as surely as sunlight grows a little each day, people bide their time yearning to return outdoors. Spring is a time of change. Green emerges, birds chirp in the trees, and color once again fills the world. Things once frozen begin gentle movements, eventually coming together in a raw rush of life. The diligent repetitions of winter have kept human hands both busy and warm. Now a new world begins to show. Their pulsations, hidden beneath winter snows, emerge to change the world. In this exhibition, we marry the spring season with the elements of change that it brings. We invite you to come see the modes of expression that have emerged from quiet winter works in snowy Tohoku.