Yumeoooka Art Project, Redevelopment around Kamioooka Station, Yokohama)

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Public & Corporate Art Consulting

N&A was tasked with the concept as well as the selection of artists and artworks to be installed for the Yumeoooka Art Project, a redevelopment project that incorporated a train station, bus terminal, and shopping center. We chose to curate the project around the theme of "Passage" in consideration of the development’s role as a node or crossroads where people visit, meet, and travel through on a daily basis. The project featured several young artists from Asia, including Japan, and was very popular with residents and area locals. All of the works installed in the area were newly commissioned based on proposals made especially for this project. 【Artists】 Mitsunori Kurashige (Japan) / Noritoshi Hirakawa (Japan) / Hiroshi Yoshimizu (Japan) / PH STUDIO (Japan) / Eri Takayanagi (Japan) / Nobuho Nagasawa (Japan) / Choi Jeong Hwa (Korea) / Takashi Murakami (Japan) / Yoshihiro Suda (Japan) / Kenjiro Okazaki (Japan) / Fang Zhenning (China) / Yoshitomo Nara (Japan) / Simryn Gill (Singapore) 【Basic information】 Location: Yokohama Municipal Subway / Keikyu Kamiooka Station Building, Konan-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture Completed: March 1997 Commissioned by: Yokohama Urban Planning Bureau Design & Supervision: Ishimoto Architectural and Engineering Firm, Inc. (Architectural Design) / Kamioooka Station West Exit JV (Construction) / Kajima Corporation Number of Installations: 21 (18 artists)