Michael Lin “Mingling”

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Exhibition Planning, Curation & Coordination

Michael Lin has established a new pictorial expression: he draws on traditional Taiwanese textile patterns, which were initially motifs of industrial production, and changes the meaning of the patterns he paints by enlarging them in public space. In recent years, Lin has developed his own way of drawing large-scale patterns familiar to our lives, and has produced works that take into consideration the relations between distinctive features of the places where he creates and those traditional and cultural motifs of the areas. His art pieces go beyond the realm of art as a mere object, and bring in new experiences through art. The solo exhibition is organized around the concept of ‘Mingling Space’ in the central shopping area in Towada, which Lin found intriguing during his stay there. ‘Mingling Space’ is a social place of recreation and relaxation, where people casually gather and spend time. The exhibition aims to create ‘mingling’ through methods of patchworking. The artworks at the care area have been inspired by techniques of patchworking, because Lin has perceived some similarities between Towada’s traditional handicraft ‘nanbusakiori’and a way of patchworking to make a new cloth by reusing patchworks of old cloths. Patchworking means making a large cloth by putting together many small patches. Producing patchworks also provided a place of communication for women. Patchworking became popular throughout the United States during the Great Depression. This is because it functioned as a means to build a sense of solidarity, shape a community identity and create shared values, not just because the people wanted to be thrifty then. Moreover, it played an important role as memorial evidence of the public or private lives, and a symbol of community. The exhibition mainly displays works of patchworks that Lin has created together with people in Towada. It also seeks to express the harmony of a wide range of warm, peaceful works produced through various kinds of ‘mingling.’ [Artist] Michael Lin [Basic Information] Period: 2011.5.28 – 8.28 Venue: Towada Art Center, Central Towada "Mingling Space" OFFICIAL WEBSITE